Welcome to Side6.dk Massage and Escort

Side6.dk is visited by several 1,000 users every day who are looking for erotic journalism and a little bit of spice as well as funny, cheeky ads.

You can place an ad in one of the following four categories:

Side6.dk offers two kinds of ads: Personal ads or Massage parlour ads. In addition to the basic profile for either you or the massage parlour, we also provide a range of additional products to boost your exposure to your customers.

In order to maintain an active profile on Side6.dk, you need to place an ad in the newspaper at least twice a week. You will therefore need to have your customer number ready when you create your profile. If you do not already have a customer number, you should contact Ekstra Bladet on tel. +45 3391 4811.

Personal ads
This type of ad is for individuals only. It is not possible for more people to join this type of profile.

Massage parlour
This type of profile is for massage parlours, escort services or strip agencies where numerous people are represented. The website also gives these ads additional possibilities, not only to inform customers about the massage parlour but also to provide information about the individual girls working there with photos and work schedules.

As a new addition to our existing features, you can now add a video to your profile. The video, which you film yourself, must not last more than 60 seconds. The content can be naughty but not obscene. If you are unable to record and make the video yourself, you can call Niels Dencker, a photographer, on tel. +45 2155 5555, to arrange the shoot and recording. Fees are paid directly to the photographer.

For futher information, please visit http://www.fillifoto.dk/

How to get started
Start creating your ad by clicking the CREATE AD button at the bottom of the screen. Once you have finished creating the page, the profile needs to be approved by Ekstra Bladet. You will automatically receive an email once your profile has been approved.

After you have received the email informing you that your profile has been approved, you can log in to your ad and pay by credit card, and after a couple of minutes your ad will be online. We accept Dankort or Visa/Dankort, Eurocard, MasterCard and Diners. If you are unable to pay online, please contact Ekstra Bladet for alternative payment solutions.

If you have any questions you are more than welcome to contact Ekstra Bladet on tel. +45 3391 4811.


Ad Type 30 days 90 days 180 days
Personal Ad 1050,- 2490,- 4200,-
Massage parlour 1575,- 3750,- 6300,-
Top-ad, front page of Massage & Escort (side6.dk) 300 x 470 px 210,- per 24h
Middle-ad, front page of Massage & Escort (side6.dk) 300 x 133 px 125,- per 24h
Middle-ad, front page of ekstrabladet.dk/massage 188 x 68 px 125,- per 24h
Video clip in ad 0,- per 24h
Photo displayed in search results 150 x 84 px 25,- per 24h

All prices are inc. 25% Danish VAT.